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Trip planning and city orientation

Looking at how people plan where to go, how they orient in their own city and in an unfamiliar city was the topic of this international research.
Special challenge: None of our participants had mobile data volume included for that country.

  • Savigny User Research conducted the field study in collaboration with researchers from the client.
  • We invited couples to a weekend trip to an international big city where none of them had been before, giving them 10 days to make their plans and bookings, keeping a diary on all trip planning and booking activities.
  • We followed them around for some time in the unfamiliar city, focussing on how they managed to orient.
    One challenge for Peter was to make video and audio recordings of the couples' wayfinding while mostly keeping a distance in order not to influence their behavior. At some points, we conducted mini interviews.
  • We conducted pre-trip interviews on all aspects of their trip planning.
  • Post-trip interviews gave us their story on their experiences, challenges, and what (would have) helped on the trip.
  • Peter produced many highlight videos which were used in an analysis workshop with the team.

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