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Support for the work of bridge engineers (Xerox PARC project)

The unique opportunity to learn the practice of ethnographic field studies from world-leading researchers and practitioners was used by Peter v. Savigny in this project of Prof. Lucy Suchman at Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (USA).

Engineer explaining problems with classifying project documents

Based on ethnographic work practice studies of bridge engineers, iterative design of a web-based prototype, supporting their complex document management, was the object of this project.

That prototype enabled quick visual recognition of documents of various types. The prototype contained a corpus of real work documents already at trial stage.

One round of usage studies and corresponding optimization of the design led to a work support highly esteemed by the engineers.

Participating in that project was a necessary - and ideal - background for Peter v. Savigny's further projects. Reap the benefit of this experience for yourself!

Foto: Ingenieur beim Klassifizieren von Dokumenten Screenshot: Prototyp zum Dokumentenmanagement

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