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Tablet usage in hospital ward rounds

Looking at tablet usage in hospital ward rounds, how it fits into the work practices of doctors and nurses, and what an ideal device would need to provide was the topic of this international research.

  • Savigny User Research mastered the challenge of finding a German hospital using tablets in everyday routines, and getting permission to conduct a field study and a workshop with physicians.
  • We conducted contextual interviews with doctors and nurses to get an overview of their daily + weekly routines with a focus on technology usage.
  • We shadowed doctors and nurses on their rounds in three wards.
    That gave us insights into the variation of usage of tablets and paper documentation between wards + doctors.
  • We conducted a participatory design workshop with doctors on future support for their work practices. Roleplay allowed doctors to explore what an ideal device should be capable of. Creating collages allowed doctors to visualize what would be important with such an ideal device.

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Interview with hospital doctor Roleplay with doctors Future workshop with doctors

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