Logo Slogan: Understanding how it fits into people's daily lives


Assuring your products' success - in real life

How are your products used in the real lives of your customers?

Analytics will show you the paths users take. In order to understand the customer journeys of your target groups, you need to follow them around, and to interview them - ideally while they are at it.

Savigny User Research conducts

  • ethnographic user research on interactive products and services, revealing how they fit into people's daily lives
    • i.e. investigates customer journeys through diary studies and contextual observations + interviews and
    • evaluates them with respect to user needs as well as
      recommended design improvements.
    • For best success, we like to turn designers and stake-holders into co-researchers in the field, and to conduct analysis and design thinking workshops with the team.

Savigny User Research provides you with key insights for more success in the German market and worldwide.

Peter v. Savigny + Ahornweg 3 + D-12587 Berlin + Germany
Mobile: (+49/177) 663 66 69 + Email: pvs@savigny-userresearch.de